User Agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter "User Agreement", "UA") is entered into between the company GLOBAL DJ POOL * (hereinafter «GLOBAL DJ POOL») and individual (hereinafter "User"), duly registered according to Section 3 and Section 4.1. of this User Agreement, and regulates the relations of using the WEB-site on the Internet (hereinafter "Network") with the addresses and

This User Agreement with the User is a legal agreement between the User and the Company-owner, establishing the rules for using the Site.

By registering on the Site, User confirms that he/she has the necessary capacity and authority for the acceptance of this Agreement, is able to fulfill the conditions of the Agreement and be liable for a breach of the Agreement, including the legal relations arising from the use of the Site.

1.       Terminology

User – visitor of the Site, who went through the registration procedure on the website according to the rules.

The Site – service located at and, which is owned by GLOBAL DJ POOL.

Content – music, audiovisual products, phonograms, images, texts, trademarks, logos, hypertext links, their fragments, information, and other objects voluntarily and gratuitously placed on the Site by the User.

Personal data – information, which helps to identify the User, including contact information, voluntarily and gratuitously posted on the Site by the User.

Site Administration - a group of employees of GLOBAL DJ POOL and its trustees, which establishes the rules of using the Site, controls its operation, supervises the execution of this Agreement by the Users.

2.       Subject

GLOBAL DJ POOL is engaged in electronic distribution of information throughout the world, namely to Clubs, Labels, Radio stations, Booking agencies. GLOBAL DJ POOL offers to the User its services on conditions, which are subject of this User Agreement. This User Agreement can be changed by GLOBAL DJ POOL, without any special notification. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force upon its publication on the Site.

This User Agreement shall enter into force by the User’s agreement to its terms in a User registration form on the WEB-site GLOBAL DJ POOL on the Internet (hereinafter "Network") with the address and extends indefinitely.

3.       Description of Services

Electronic distribution of information GLOBAL DJ POOL is a service provided via the Web interface, which is located only at and uses specialized hardware and software, which transmits audio recordings of the Users and also User information presented in electronic form. This service also provides, in disposal of the Users, unique accounts (promo pages), which store the User information and audio records.

Services of electronic distribution of information GLOBAL DJ POOL are available to Users, who have access to the Internet and software for working with web-interface, on a commercial basis paid for by the User, based on the User Agreement. The cost of electronic distribution of information GLOBAL DJ POOL is in accordance with the price list specified in the User’s account (personal promotional page).

Term of service GLOBAL DJ POOL - is 1 day after the payment for the service. For technical reasons, the above mentioned term may be extended up to three days.

After the service is complete, the User is sent a report showing the completion of services, to their electronic mailbox (e-mail), specified at registration, as well as to their account.

GLOBAL DJ POOL also provides other services, directly related to the implementation of electronic distribution of information. For more details the User can see a complete list of services, provided by GLOBAL DJ POOL, in the price list specified in the User’s account.

4.       Obligation of the user registration, password and security


4.1.             The User must complete the registration process - complete the Registration Form.

4.2.             To use the service of distribution of information GLOBAL DJ POOL, User agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information about him/her in the Registration Form and keep this information up to date. If the user provides incorrect information or GLOBAL DJ POOL has serious grounds for believing that the User provided information is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, GLOBAL DJ POOL has the right to suspend or cancel the registration of the User and deny User in the usage of the service.

4.3.            Upon completion of the registration the User receives a login and password for accessing their personal account (promo page) on GLOBAL DJ POOL. The User is responsible for the security of their username and password and for all that will be done on GLOBAL DJ POOL under the User’s username and password. GLOBAL DJ POOL is not responsible for any loss or data corruption that might occur due to the User’s violations of the provisions of this part of UA.


5.       Non-commercial use. Responsibility.

User agrees not to reproduce, repeat or copy, sell or resell, and also not use for any commercial purposes any parts of the service GLOBAL DJ POOL, use of services or access to them, except in cases where such permission is given to the User of GLOBAL DJ POOL.

GLOBAL DJ POOL takes no responsibility for any agreements between the User and third parties.

 In the event of damage to the third parties, other Users or the Site, the User agrees to reimburse the damages in full and at a rate in accordance with applicable Russian legislation.

User is responsible and pays all expenses (including damages, injury, fines, court and other costs and expenses) in case third parties present any claims, including but not limited to claims relating to the protection of intellectual property rights of third parties, and for any liabilities incurred by the Site in connection with third-party claims relating to or arising out of User's breach of this Agreement. User agrees to take all necessary and possible measures to exclude the Site from defendant list.

6.       The behavior of the registered user

User understands and acknowledges that he bears full responsibility for all information, data, text, music, sounds, graphics, messages or other materials (hereinafter "Content"), publicly issued or privately transmitted through the service GLOBAL DJ POOL. This means that the User, rather than GLOBAL DJ POOL is fully responsible for all materials that User uploads, sends, receives, transmits, or in any other way makes available through the service GLOBAL DJ POOL.

GLOBAL DJ POOL does not control the Content transmitted through its service, and, consequently, does not guarantee accuracy, completeness or quality of these materials.

User agrees not to post on the Site and not to direct to any location via/through the Site any materials in the following lines:

• violating the law, containing threats and insults, discrediting others; violating citizens' rights to privacy or public policy, having the character of obscenity;

• violating to a greater or lesser degree an honor and dignity, rights and lawful interests of others;

• promoting or containing appeals for incitement to religious, racial or ethnic hatred, containing attempts to incitement to hatred or incitement to violence;

• as well as other materials that encourage others to wrongful conduct, entailing criminal, civil and other liability, or in any way violating the provisions of the law.

User agrees not to use the service of electronic distribution of information GLOBAL DJ POOL for:

• uploading, posting, transmitting or any other way of publishing materials that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, offending morality, defamatory, infringing copyrights, propagandizing hatred and / or discrimination against people based on race, ethnicity, gender, social grounds;

• violating of the rights of minors and/or causing them harm in any form;

• impersonating of another person or representative of the organization and/or community without sufficient rights, including the staff of GLOBAL DJ POOL, owner of GLOBAL DJ POOL, as well as misrepresentation about the properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects;

• uploading, sending, transmitting or any other kind of publication of not permitted in a special way advertising information;

• other activities which may cause instability of the service GLOBAL DJ POOL, as well as violating the laws of Russia in all fields of law.


7.       General provisions on use and storage


7.1.  User acknowledges that GLOBAL DJ POOL may impose limitations on the use services, including - the maximum amount of information on the account (promo page), the maximum disk space, maximum number of requests for service for a specified period of time, etc.

GLOBAL DJ POOL will not be liable for any delays, interruptions, deletion or failure to store any personal User information.

7.2.  User acknowledges that GLOBAL DJ POOL can change the rules and restrictions at any time, with or without prior notice.

7.3.  User agrees that any material posted by the User on the resources of GLOBAL DJ POOL, with open access, can be used at GLOBAL DJ POOL’s discretion without paying the User any compensation.

7.4.  User acknowledges that GLOBAL DJ POOL is not required to view the posted music works, the content of any kind before posting, as well as that GLOBAL DJ POOL has the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion to refuse to post or remove any work or content posted by the User.

User agrees that he/she is independently required to evaluate all the risks associated with use of the work, content.


8.       Termination of registration

User agrees that GLOBAL DJ POOL reserves the right to terminate user's password and delete any content for any reason, including, not using access and in violation of UA.

The user has the right to terminate the relationship with the Owner of GLOBAL DJ POOL and abandon the account (promo page), using a special interface according to the instruction. In this case, the specified account will be freed from the content; access to it will be blocked.

 GLOBAL DJ POOL has the right to terminate the relationship with the User in the event of the breach of this UA by the User.

User agrees that GLOBAL DJ POOL reserves the right to terminate servicing of the accounts that have not used the service GLOBAL DJ POOL within 3 (three) months. In this case, all the information contained in the User account (personal promo page), will be deleted.

 GLOBAL DJ POOL reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services GLOBAL DJ POOL, timely notifying the User.

9.       Rights and responsibilities of the Site Administration

9.1.             The Site Administration is committed to protecting all contact information of the User. Except for the contact information of the User that is viewable to other users and visitors of the Site.

9.2.             The Site Administration agrees not to disclose User’s contact information to the third parties, except as permitted by applicable law and this Agreement.

9.3.             The Site Administration is not engaged in the review and resolution of disputes and conflicts arising between Users of the Site, but reserves the right to block the account (personal promotional page) of the User, if it receives other members’ motivated complaints of User’s misconduct on the Site.

9.4.             The Site Administration has the right, but not the obligation to exercise moderation of the text, audio and other materials posted by Users on the Site.

9.5.  The Site Administration has the right to remove any text, audio and other materials posted by Users without notification and explanation of reasons.

9.6.             The Site Administration has no control over copyright compliance of intellectual property and is not responsible for such violation by the Site Users.

9.7.             In the event the User violates this Agreement or the applicable Russian laws, the Site reserves the right to transfer the contact information, IP address and any other information to the interested party.

9.8.             The Site Administration reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to the Site with sufficient grounds to assume that personal data is not complete or is not true.

9.9.  In the event the User violates the terms of this Agreement, Site Administration has a right to block User’s account.

9.10.              The Site Administration reserves the right to impose any restrictions on the use of the Site.

9.11.             The Administration of the Site or the company-owner reserves the right to close, suspend, amend the Site or any of its parts without prior notice to the User.

9.12.             The Site Administration reserves the right to refuse to provide services – electronic distribution of information (promo page of the User). In this case, the money paid by the User will be returned to the User's account.


10.   General Information

10.1.             Unless otherwise determined in supplemental agreement between the User and GLOBAL DJ POOL, all claims, requests, questions, any other correspondence should be addressed to GLOBAL DJ POOL at the electronic address:

10.2.             UA is a legally binding contract between the User and GLOBAL DJ POOL and regulates the use of the service, of electronic distributions of information GLOBAL DJ POOL, by the User.

10.3.             User and GLOBAL DJ POOL agree that all possible disputes over the UA will be settled according to the norms of Russian law.

10.4.             Recognition by the court of any provisions of the UA to be invalid or not enforceable does not entail invalidation of other provisions of the Agreement.

10.5.             Inaction on the part of GLOBAL DJ POOL in case of a breach by the User or other users of the provisions of the UA does not deprive GLOBAL DJ POOL of the right to take appropriate actions to protect its interests later.

10.6.             In the case of the events referred to in paragraph 9.10. of this User Agreement, User has the right to apply to the Site Administration with a request for clarification of the reasons for refusal to provide services.

Response to this request explaining the reasons for refusal to provide services will be provided by the Site Administration no later than 15 days and contain thesis indication of the reasons for refusal.

After receiving the response, the User has the right to use an additional service GLOBAL DJ POOL - Advising on the design of promo page, advising on issues directly relating to the music recording, or electronic distribution the User wants to do – for an extra fee. The cost of this service is calculated by GLOBAL DJ POOL individually for each User, based on the mistakes made.

11.   Breaks in service

GLOBAL DJ POOL has the right to perform maintenance work in the software and hardware complex of GLOBAL DJ POOL with the temporary suspension of the work site, notifying the Users of GLOBAL DJ POOL one day before the start of work and with a timetable of its completion.

12.   Procedure for claims

To resolve disputes, arising between the User and GLOBAL DJ POOL resulting from the use of GLOBAL DJ POOL, Complaint is mandatory.

The user, who feels that his/her rights and interests were violated by the actions of GLOBAL DJ POOL, needs to send GLOBAL DJ POOL a claim via electronic mail, to

Within 15 (fifteen) working days from receipt of the claim GLOBAL DJ POOL is obligated to state its position on the latter and send their response to the electronic address specified in the claim.

 In case of failure to resolve the dispute through the claim settlement procedure, the claim will be reviewed in accordance with the User Agreement.

Anonymous complaint or a claim, not containing the information to be able to identify the User based on their registration information, will not be considered.

When citing materials in the Internet, hyperlink to the GLOBAL DJ POOL is required. To obtain permission for republication contact us via feedback.

* Here and below, by company GLOBAL DJ POOL means the following business entity - An individual entrepreneur Ustyugov Evgeny V. registered IFNS Russia's Chkalovsky district of Yekaterinburg, 01.22.2008, the OGRNIP - 308667402200040 OKPO - 0158111311