How it work:

- Sign Up - you will receive activation key within 10 minutes after registration well done!
- Make customized templates for Promo.
- Add new Promo or Demo with uploaded audio data.
- If you are client of Sundesire Meida Worx, you can simple import any album from DMB and save your time.
- Add founds on your account before sending (My Account tab)
- Send your Promo/Demo within 10 minutes.
- Get reactions and support, analyze detailed statistic and feedbacks.


Send Demo to GDP Labels list               15.00 $
Send Promo to GDP list                          35.00 $
Send to own list                                      10.00 $

Price Description:

Send Demo to GDP Labels list - it's quickly way be signed on Record Label. Sending Demo thru GDP you save your time and get guaranties that your music will be listened by record label. You pay for send demo to all labels of GDP list. You can see list here...

Send Promo to GDP list - Any Record Label or DJ can use our list of recipients for send Promo.You pay for send Promo to all recipients of GDP (labels, djs, clubs, radio, booking agencies)

Send to own list   - You can make own list of recipients and use GDP for a sending platform Promo / Demo to your addressees.